Principal Investigator:

Dr.-Ing. Dominik P.J. Barz, P.Eng. was born in the lovely village of Bremm, Mosel in Germany. After obtaining a journeyman degree as construction mechanic, he received a Dipl.-Ing.(FH) in Mechanical Engineering, Aachen UAS. He then worked as a lab engineer in the Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell lab, FHTG Mannheim and also graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. in Chemical Engineering, TU Dresden. He joined Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH as a Research Engineer working on Microfluidics and Lab on Chip and received a Doctor of Engineering Science from KIT. After a fellowship at Cornell University with Prof. Paul Steen, he joined Queen’s University in 2010. He is the recipient of multiple awards such as the ASME ICNNM Outstanding Leadership award, Ontario’s Early Researcher Award and a Humboldt Research Fellowship. When he is not spending time with his family, he likes to train Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Taijiquan, cook and listen to music.

Research Associates:

Dr. Dzmitry Malevich’s expertise and research interests are in areas of Electrochemistry and its applications to a cleaner environment. Before joining Barz Group, Dzmitry held the positions of Lead Electrochemist and Research Manager at Advonex International, with previous work at the Queens-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre, Lipkowski Group at the University of Guelph and Electrochemistry Group at the University of Southampton. Dzmitry holds a PhD in Chemistry from BSU Minsk, and is currently pursuing his Professional Master of Education degree at Queen’s University.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Hoang Dang was born in Hai Duong, a Northern province of Vietnam. He obtained his Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). He was then working as a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at HUST for 3 years before coming to the US for graduate school. In 2015, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin studying materials and electrochemistry for (photo)water splitting and Li-on/Na-ion anodes. He joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudia Arabia as a postdoctoral fellow and later research scientist at North Carolina State University exploring novel materials for Li-ion/Li-Sulfur batteries, and hybrid perovskite solar cells. He joined Prof. Barz’s research group at Queen’s University in 2020 to develop aqueous energy storage systems. He is the recipient of multiple awards such as the Odon Vallet scholarship (2003), Young Lecturer Award (2009), Best Teaching Assistant Award (2013), and a Graduate Research Fellowship (2010) from the Vietnam Education Foundation. In his free time, he likes to read novels, cook, swim, and play soccer. 

PhD students:

Andrew J. Sellathurai, who often goes by “Drew”, is a PhD student in the Barz Lab Group. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario. He then worked as a Jr. Chemist for Focus Graphite and Alcereco Inc, where he was able to further develop his laboratory skills. Soon after, he found the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Queen’s University with Drs. Kontopoulou Barz. During his Master’s he worked on the liquid phase exfoliation of graphite into graphene, and the synthesis of self-assembled graphene hydrogels. When he is not spending time in the lab, he likes to spend time with his Lab (Dog); and play basketball and Fußball.

MASc students:

Mohammadreza Azarshab (Reza) (co-supervised with Prof. Dinh) is a chemistry lover. When he was in high school, his main efforts were to go to Labs and do hands-on experiments. Those experiences made him extremely interested in chemical subjects, so he decided to continue his passion as an undergraduate student in a field related to chemistry. He was accepted in the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) Bachelor of Chemical Engineering program. As an undergrad, he started doing research on membrane technologies, and published his very first paper. In the last year of his program, he and others founded a company. The company’s main subject was to manufacture chemical equipment, but Reza’s favorite was to build pilot plants for developing chemical technologies. After several industrial projects, Reza joined Queen’s University to work glycerol electro oxidation. He is also a member of Queen’s Karate Club, and he likes to do sports, learning a new language or try new foods when he is not in the lab.

Joshua P. Chamberland (co-supervised by Dr. Parent) was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. After completing a 12-month internship at Environment and Climate Change Canada where he primarily worked on decarbonization modelling, he completed his BASc in Engineering Chemistry at Queen’s University in 2022. During his final year of undergraduate studies, Josh worked on his thesis with the Barz Group looking to optimize the formation of graphene hydrogels. Currently, he is working towards his MASc with the group, investigating hybrid energy storage devices using organic radicals and ionic liquids. In his spare time, Josh enjoys watching movies and learning useless facts.

Matthew J. Hawrylow (co-supervised with Dr. Parent) was born in Whitby, Ontario. He completed a B.A.Sc at Queen’s University in Engineering Chemistry with first class honours in 2020. He is currently completing his M.A.Sc in Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University as a part of both the Barz and Parent groups. In his spare time he enjoys playing the drums, sports and strategy games.

Ej jun Lung was raised and born in Hong Kong. After years of studies in his hometown, he decided to move to Canada in grade 12, then graduated from Niagara Christian Collegiate, Fort Erie, in 2018. He earned the degree of Biochemical Engineering from Queen’s University, Kingston, in 2021. After graduating from university, he nowpursues a master’s degree at Queen’s University. He has been researching in Dr. Dominik P.J. Barz’s lab since the summer of 2021. His work focuses on battery and supercapacitor testing and development with the help of graphene-based hydrogels and Vanadium electrolytes.  In his leisure time, he will go climbing, both indoor and outdoor, and do callisthenics. Besides working and training, he likes to cook, pet his cat, and listen to music. 

Katie Sciborski is from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. In her undergraduate degree, she was awarded the NSERC USRA grant to work as an undergraduate research assistant within the Barz group. She continued within the group to complete her undergraduate thesis in her final year of university. After receiving her BASc degree in Engineering Chemistry, Katie chose to continue her studies within the Barz group at Queen’s, working towards a MASc in Chemical Engineering. When she is not in the lab, Katie enjoys playing and coaching ultimate frisbee, as well as going to the gym and cooking.

Undergraduate students:

William Callum (U of Sheffield), UG Thesis student

Peter Van Diggelen, UG Thesis student

Bo Zhang, UG Thesis student

Previous Group Members (Graduate)

  • Alan Awez, MASc candidate
  • Mandeep Brar, MEng
  • Sammi Cheng, MASc candidate
  • Gyouho Cho, RA
  • Mandeep Chouhan, MEng
  • Dr. Leila Davarpana, PDF
  • Dr. Hamid Falahati, PhD
  • Rio Vincento Festarini, MASc
  • Jonas Gerson, MASc
  • Fola Ige, MEng
  • Alec Jameson, MASc
  • Dr. Mahmoud Khademi, PhD
  • Dr. Ali Khazaeli, PhD
  • Dr. Sreemann Mypati, PhD
  • Dr. Min-Hao Pham, PDF
  • Wolfgang Reitinger, Visiting MSc
  • Rakesh Saini, MASc
  • Mathias Scholz, Visiting Dipl.-Ing.
  • Andrew Sellathurai, MASc

Previous Group Members (Undergraduate)

  • Michael Assuras
  • Jasleen Aurora
  • Vishvek Babbar
  • David Beimers
  • Johanna Bort
  • Josh Chamberland
  • Sammy Cheng
  • Justin Chiu
  • Debapriya De, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Rio Festarini
  • Abhinandan Garg
  • Fizza Ghayur
  • Alishia Giglio
  • Gabrielle Godbille-Cardona
  • Jeremy Gooden
  • Matthew Kenny
  • Eddy Kim, University of Guelph
  • Gita Kumari, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Alex Krstc
  • David Liao
  • Xinyue Liu, Sichuan University, China
  • Sean McGregor
  • Matthew Medri
  • Franziska Mueller-Trefzer, KIT, Germany
  • Karl Murray
  • Nicole Nishimura
  • Shankha Paul, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India
  • Katie Sciborksi
  • Peter Schmitz, Giessen University, Germany
  • Jens Tamson, KIT, Germany
  • Mike Wang
  • Lambert Wong

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